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NEW W@W modmenu

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NEW W@W modmenu

Post  N!NjA on Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:09 am


Hey guys, today I'm going to be releasing Karoolus's mod menu with all do respect all credit to Karoolus I just removed missing perks and changed the controls to work for Wii.This menu is way balanced then that other one that I released which I fucked up this one is 100% sure to give you one freeze free match although when you play a second match it suddenly just freezes maybe some options need to be removed all look to that later and keep my files here instead of removing old files... here's an PS3 preview:

I know looks ugly just like the other one but it works also i'll be finding bind infections later to infect others. I just hope the Fagget "Superman" on the other fourms dosen't take credit for this again like he did for the other one, he's no porter just a credit steal-er on the other fourms the one tlpwner made I think Also this version in the video is the old one its missing vip and cohost but don't worry the one I ported has this and much more just a look at how the menu looks from the video same thing except mines got more features.

UPDATED Features:

-Promotions of VIP & Co-Host
-Kick Menu
-Unlock All for Yourself/Others From Player Menu
-Basic Player Menu
-Normal Infections
-Forge Mode [ Pickup Objects/People/Vehicles. HOLD + On an object to carry it.
-Auto Detects Host Player
-Kamikaze Airstrike [Visions Removed]
-Make a Clone [ Actor/Car bullet are not Working at-least I think so... ]
-Added the Plus sign to options to look a little nicer
-Added Infect Score & Infinite Time Mod. In The "Extra Mod" Folder.
-When making other players VIP/Co-Host it sends them a Hud message saying Welcome to our lobby and tells them that host gave you VIP/Co-Host.
-In the Player Menu you can send a player a How To Message telling them how to navigate the Mod Menu.
-Explosive Bullets Added in the "Extra Mod" folder
-Added a Fast Restart Option
-Added Infectable Binds in the Player Menu to Infect others
-Added a Bind MSG on how to use the binds in Player Menu to send to others
-Added a Rules option that sayall Rules
-Added a hud message when starting a Match

multiupload.com 3E9GHJ1DR0

UPDATED 8/8/11 DOWNLOAD OPTION TWO [File Size 473.75 KB ] :
multiupload.com N5G07Y13RQ

Sorry for the mess up megaupload was uploading a different .ff file rather then the one I was choosing its all fixed now, I even downloaded it. Its the correct one Enjoy.


Press - to open Mod Menu.
Press action up & to Scroll Up & Down In the Mod Menu.
Press to Select an Option.
Press to Close the Mod Menu.

Bind Infect Information
After being infected leave the match and go online, Press the following buttons in this order or else it won't work. Press 2 > D-PAD Left > D-PAD UP > -[Minus] > +[Plus]
-2 Gives more Perks and Dafualt Weapon
-D-PAD Left Gives God Mode
-D-PAD UP Gives Third Person
- -[Minus] Gives All Guns
- +[Plus] Toggles NoClip

NOTE** After being infected DO NOT START a Private match unless you do not intend on doing this Online. Being infected and doing a private match destorys the Bind Hacks for use Online.

Enjoy, report back if theirs any errors besides freezing, and superman.... fuck off.

Thank You Karoolus for making the first working Mod Menu on PS3

Also I found a way to almost never Freeze but you must use one match only and Infinite Game
Max players recommend for this mod menu are 4-6 players and gametype should be played on Free-for-all
Use this code to change the amount of players:

Max Num. of Players in Game Changer
051EF6E4 0000000X

X Values

4=4 players <Recommend [Freeze free until 2nd match doing a 2nd one is risky so stay with Infinite Game]
5=5 players <Recommend [Doesn't freeze unless you start a 2nd match half the time]
6=6 players <Might freeze but not to likely most of the time. 50/50 I use this amount of players doesn't freeze managed to play 8 freeze free games with this using infinite game.
7=7 players [Freezes rarely even in one match] < Risky
8=8 players [Freezes easily after a few mins sometimes if lucky it dosen't] < Not Recommend [The Wii is sooo weak this is the original amount of players its suppose to hold it but it freezes easily anyways.. fail]
A=10 players <NOT Recommend
C=12 players <NOT Recommend

Use this so you can start without anyone[ and so the match doesn't end why not spawn 5 bots!]

Minimum Number of players in Lobby:
051EF69C 0000000X


2 makes you wait for 1 more person.
1 allows you to start by yourself.

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